18-19 Young Scholars

  • In addition, as an incentive to support scholarship there will be two awards of $1000 each for the chapters with the most Young Scholars during the academic year. These will be based on chapter size: one for chapters with 40 or more fratres and one for fewer than 40 fratres. These awards will be announced in August 2019 at the Leadership Conference.


    2019 Young Scholar Charlie Deer, Mu Psi/Miami (OH)


    2019 Young Scholar Josh Bishop, Gamma Epsilon/UIC


    2019 Young Scholar Gautham Kovvuru, Sigma Chi/Maryland

  • The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is proud to recognize individuals who earned a 3.75 or higher during their candidate semester and are recipients of the Young Scholar Award.



    The following Young Scholars achieved academic excellence

    and were initiated in 2018-19:

  • Beta/Cornell 

    John Bender

    Alex Dahan

    Alan Mezheritsky

    Justin Simms

    Sam Wolf



    Christopher Bodkin

    Andrew Zea


    Sigma Sigma/UC-Berkeley

    Sunghun Lee


    Sigma Theta/Univ of Texas

    Andre Ferreira

    Victor Sandoval

    Sigma Omicron/Univ of Nebraska

    Garrett Brockman


    Sigma Chi/Univ of Maryland-College Park

    Gautham Kovvuru

    Ishaan Parikh


    Sigma Delta/Rutgers

    Justin Eisenberg

  • Mu Theta/USC

    Aaron Esmailian


    Mu Psi/Miami Univ

    Charlie Deer


    Mu Rho/Univ of Rochester

    Paul Guirguis


    Beta Gamma/Univ of Arizona

    Daniel Macdonald


    Gamma Epsilon/Univ of Illinois - Chicago

    Joshua Bishop


    Gamma Lambda/N Illinois

    Demetrius Stanton


    Delta Zeta/Florida International

    Juan Arango


    Epsilon Epsilon/SUNY Geneseo

    Nikhil Reddy


    Epsilon Xi/Emory Univ

    Yash Daftary

    Josh Rafaeli