19-20 Young Scholars

  • In addition, as an incentive to support scholarship there will be two awards of $1000 each for the chapters with the most Young Scholars during the academic year. These will be based on chapter size: one for chapters with 40 or more fratres and one for fewer than 40 fratres. These awards will be announced in August 2020 at the Leadership Conference.



    Jacob Trinidad, Sigma Delta '19, Rutgers, Guller Young Scholar 2019-2020


    Agustin Pillado Matheu, Delta Zeta '18, Florida International University, Guller Young Scholar 2019-2020


    Evan Devore, Sigma Chi '19, Guller Young Scholar 2019-2020, right. Matthew Kalin, left.

  • The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is proud to recognize individuals who earned a 3.75 or higher during their candidate semester and are recipients of the Young Scholar Award.



    The following Young Scholars achieved academic excellence

    and were initiated in 2019-20:

  • Beta/Cornell 

    Daniel Berenson

    Jason Cohen

    Roger Hyman

    Owen Sullivan


    Theta/University of Pennsylvania

    Graham Michelson


    Rho/University of Illinois

    Charlie Ezgur
    Eric Gandelman
    Danny Ganzman
    Adam Rabin


    Sigma Delta/Rutgers

    Ravi Mohamed

    Jakob Trinidad


    Sigma Chi/University of Maryland

    Daniel Ben-Or

    Evan Devore

    Adam Rosenbaum


    Mu Eta/Drexel University

    Nicholas DiPrimio

    Shivam Patel


    Mu Theta/USC

    Samuel Byczek

    James Kaplan
    Ben Slotnik
    Connor Stec


    Mu Upsilon/Brooklyn College

    Shneur Fomin


    Mu Psi/Miami University (OH)

    Robert Carran

    Elliot Tishler

  • Beta Omega/Kentucky Wesleyan

    Artemio Gonzalez


    Gamma Theta/UC Davis

    Fernando Tax


    Gamma Lambda/Northern Illinois University

    James Kaeppel

    Michael Kucharski


    Gamma Rho/UC San Diego

    William Livingston

    Shyam Patel


    Gamma Tau/University of Florida

    Ryan Hoban

    Austin Hubsch
    Harrison Resnick
    Terry Sahadeo


    Delta Zeta/Florida International University

    Nicholas Arango
    Diego Canahuati

    Alessandro Colangelo

    Damian Badia
    Carlos Messore
    Agustin Pillado Matheu


    Epsilon Gamma/Illinois State

    Jerry Piaskowy


    Epsilon Epsilon/SUNY Geneseo

    Caleb Wilder


    Epsilon Nu/UCONN

    John Reever