Non-Member Recipients

  • The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is proud to announce the recipients of our

    2022 Lawrence D. Schaffer Endowed Scholarships for non-members.


    The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation offers scholarships for children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of ΣAM alumni and for daughters of fratres. We also have scholarships for high school seniors involved with USY or NFTY planning to attend college. For a complete list of scholarships available, go here.


    All Scholarship Recipients need to complete the online 2022 Scholarship Acceptance Agreement

    before any check is disbursed--Go here!


    Girson Family Scholarship $1,000

    Jack Austin, a senior at Lakeview High School in Battle Creek, Michigan, who will attend Western Michigan University in Fall 2022


    James Alexander NFTY Scholarship $500

    Evan Jaffe


    Larry Berman Beta Delta Alumni Scholarship $1,500

    Emma Silberman, University of California – Santa Cruz

    Emma is the granddaughter of Barry Silberman, San Jose State, ‘65


    Nu Legacy Scholarship $500

    Alex Henner

    Alex is the son of David Henner, State University of New York at Buffalo, ‘91


    Weiss Brothers & William P. Schwartz Daughters of Fratres Scholarships

    Laila Brustin, Wellesley College; Weiss Brothers Scholarship $1,000

    Laila is the daughter of Chad Brustin, Arizona, ‘91

    Hayley Bloch, Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship   $500

    Lauren Bloch, Gettysburg College; Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship $500

    Hayley and Lauren are the daughters of David Bloch, Maryland, ‘91


    Katie Gold, Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship  $1,500

    Katie is the daughter of Joshua Gold, Ohio University, ‘93


    Sophie Pollack, University of Southern California; Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship  $1,000

    Sophie is the daughter of Stefan Pollack, University of Southern California, ‘86


    Paige Unterman, Yeshiva University; Schwartz Daughter of Fratres Scholarship  $1,000

    Paige is the daughter of Ira Unterman, California State University-Fullerton, ‘85